// Frequently Asked Questions…

New to the concept of Home Staging?  We hear you!  Below are some of the frequently asked questions. 

If you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with us here.

After the Staging is complete can I request changes?

Trust our expert decisions, as there is a reason behind every piece we use. Home Staging is much more than just making a home look pretty. It’s a strategy to captivate your potential buyer and make your property stand out in marketing collateral.

Is the furniture insured?

Absolutely! Home Staging Solutions takes care of all insurance on stock. There is nothing you need to organise or pay for.

Can I pay at settlement?

We accept upfront payment through:

        – EFT / VISA / Cash / Cheque

        – Diners and AMEX are not accepted

        – Finance is available upon application

Does our quote include GST?

Yes, our quotes are inclusive of everything – there are no hidden fees.

Can I use the furniture if I’m living in the property?

No – Our furniture is just for display. If any of the furniture is damaged from personal use there will be a replacement fee.

When does my contract start?

We work closely with your Real Estate Agent and plan to Stage your property the day before photos are booked in. This is so you maximise every day of your 6-week contract.

What happens when the 6-week contract ends and the property hasn’t sold?

If your property hasn’t sold within the 6 weeks, we can extend your contract for a further 3 or 6 weeks. The extension rates are based on a percentage of your initial contract price. If you choose neither of these options, we can organise to collect the furniture and cease the contract with Home Staging Solutions.